The Adventures of Sparky and Rex



Children's Bookwatch: January 2019

"The Adventures of Sparky and Rex" is a first title of a delightful British mystery series with two very different pet dogs as chief sleuths or detectives. Sparky, the smaller dog, is quite proper and well behaved with a Holmes style hat and overcoat plus a monocle, while Rex is a larger, more playful, boisterous dog who was inclined to get into some scrapes because of his enthusiasm and uninhibited joy at detecting. Sparky and Rex are taken from their cottage home deep in the English countryside by their owner Miss Myrtle to visit her cousin, lady Egna in London. What an exciting adventure that turned out to be! Children will enjoy the pastel drawings and illustrations of the two dogs in their explorations, for they decide to help discover a lost jewel belonging to Lady Egna. So while the two elderly cousins enjoy tea in a garden of the townhouse, Sparky and Rex have a field day exploring all the remote corners of the townhouse searching for the lost jewel. Naturally there are a series of small messes and catastrophes in the wake of their enthusiastic explorations of basement, attic, muddy flowerbed, and bedroom. Although quite a creative mess transpired between the two dogs' search efforts, Lady Egna forgave them both and overlooked the (huge) mess they made, because Rex found the lost jewel! All's well that ends well in this canine detective mystery in proper English settings, with a juicy bone apiece and a promise of more canine mystery adventures to come.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief Diane Donovan, Editor. Midwest Book Review.