The Adventures of Sparky and Rex: London
The Adventures of Sparky and Rex: London

Frances McDowall

The Adventures of Sparky and Rex: London

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  • 26 pages
  • 10 illustrations

Oh dear! Lady Egna has lost a precious jewel! Can England's greatest dog detectives help her find it? Join Sparky and Rex on a mystery-solving mission guaranteed to entertain and warm your heart in a tale of adventure, mishaps and friendship.

About the Author

Born and raised in the heart of London, Frances McDowall has enjoyed a life-long passion for reading. Her journey has taken her across the world and culminated in a desire to share her love of books through creating her own children’s stories. Inspired by her own children and grandchild and the infusion of culture and travel throughout her life, Frances is pleased to present a series of adventure stories that are bound to awaken a love of reading in the smallest of children with the biggest of imaginations.